Our Story

Minimalist elegance. Unisex design. 

The first all-wood circuit board watch, handcrafted in San Francisco. 

The responsibility of craft.

At Telhart, we believe in doing things differently. We chose to buck the trends of modern production, which mass produces ephemeral goods and (mis)markets them as unique designs.  Instead, we built Telhart Watch from the ground up, with the credo of responsible design. This meant creating bespoke timekeeping software, building a double-windowed watch casing, and designing the world's first wooden circuit board. And we did it all from our sunny (sometimes foggy) design studio in San Francisco. 

Kickstarting with community.

We're reimagining the way consumer goods are made. And we're doing that with community. Joining our Kickstarter campaign helps Telhart invest in the development tools and materials needed for the first round of production. It's a one-time commitment, and it means you'll receive one of our first watches, made by hand, by the Telhart team, in our San Francisco design studio.